Desalination units for building towers and residential complexes

Desalination units for residential complexes are suitable for hotels hospitals nad towers and can prodice pure water usisng reverse osmosis systems.

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Containerized Desalination Units

Containerized Desalination Units are portable desalination station that can produce up tp 4200 liter (up tp 170 bottles(20 liter)) of pure water.

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Desaliantion Stations

Desalination station are large desalination units in form of shops which can produce up to 700 bottles (20 liters) per day.

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Industrial desalination station suitable for cities

Armand ab produces large Industrial desalination station suitable for cities, and large cmplex with the capicity of 10000 m3 and more.

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Large Water Desalination Units FOR Cites
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(R.O) Reverse Osmosis Desalination Units

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