Desalination units for building towers and residential complexes

Desalination units for residential complexes are suitable for hotels hospitals nad towers and can prodice pure water usisng reverse osmosis systems.

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Containerized Desalination Units

Containerized Desalination Units are portable desalination station that can produce up tp 4200 liter (up tp 170 bottles(20 liter)) of pure water.

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Desaliantion Stations

Desalination station are large desalination units in form of shops which can produce up to 700 bottles (20 liters) per day.

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Industrial desalination station suitable for cities

Armand ab produces large Industrial desalination station suitable for cities, and large cmplex with the capicity of 10000 m3 and more.

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About Us


Armand Ab Co. is an Iranian Design, Engineering and Construction Company established on 1996 Under registration No. 186315 In Tehran. Armand Ab scope of activities are mainly based on Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and construction of large industrial and municipal Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Our Vision:
To become the most reliable and advanced water treatment designer and producer in the region.


Water Desalination:
  The major fields of activity of Armand Ab Co. is design , manufactring and supply of Water Desalination Units,  based on (Reverse osmosis) RO System. Armand ab is the first manufacturer of large industrial desalination units in Iran and is considered as one of the main players of water desalination field in the middle east. Until now,  number of industrial RO units up to the capacity of 10,000 m3/d  were installed by Armand Ab in the middle east (Iran, Iraq and syria) and cuba.

Pumping Staions: Armand ab co is also active in the field of design, implementation Manufacturing and Supply of Electromechanical Equipment for Pumping Stations, Thermal and Hydroelectric power stations  and have executed many project in the middle east (Iran, Iraq and syria),

Consultancy Service: Armand Ab Co. is also performing the Consultancy Services of design, Execution and mangment in the field of Hydro Power Plant and at the present moment is responsible in the design of 22 Hydropower Plants in the Iran.
Latest News

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Date: 08/06/2009

Website Launched
Armand  Ab website is launched and ready to use by you we welcome you to our ... Read More
Date: 28/06/2008

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